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Just got share am super happy with my body right I have lost almost 20 kg since I found out I was pregnant last year now bub is 3 months old I don’t think I was this since high school has really changed me being a mum I have days where I just wanna break down and cry but seeing this result today in the mirror I can’t believe it 💪🏻💪🏻
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Awesome 👏

How did u get back slim I'm having difficulty 🤔my boy is 3 month old

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I lost a lot of the weight while pregnant cause I stopped drinking wine and eating take out, now due to breastfeeding I have had to stop diary and gluten which has really help 6 kg down in two week without eating any of that

You look amazing, very inspiring!

Get it Mama! That’s awesome! Cute dress btw.


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