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Disney Kids

So I watched tons of Disney movies as a kid, lived all the princess stuff, really a girly girl.. and now I’m just not sure about the messages in the movies, much less how the princess bodies look. For example, in Pocahontas it’s all about colonization.. which is seriously evil.. and then it’s subtly racist.. love the songs and the grandma willow tree just really wondering what my kid’s takeaway would be from these movies. I am interested in everyone’s opinion. All thoughts welcome 😁
Disney Kids

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3 years ago

My son has had kidney issues since he was born he’s 6 now and still has them. Message me if you still have any questions. 😊

4 years ago

I didn’t understand that stuff in the terms that you put it when I was little. Quite frankly every Disney movie has some kind of mature content in it that’s all kinds effed up. Specifically with Pocahontas when I was little I was like.... “wow they don’t like those guys because they are different. But they just like nature, why don’t the guys on the boat like nature? They aren’t different, why are they fighting? Why are they so mad? That big guy is mean and ugly. John Smith is nice. Miko is funny”. ... maybe not those words specifically lol but you get it. Sense we’re here.. I think the scariest Disney villain is mother Gothel from Tangled. It disturbed me to no end that, first off, she was able to live a prolonged life with the flower and never gain any wisdom from said life; only vanity. Second, she kidnapped and raised a baby to believe falsehoods, pretended to be her mother, and isolated her for the entirety of her adolescence. Not to mention the psychological torture she put her through. Ugh.. yikes..

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4 years ago

But our babies won’t think about the Movies in these adult terms. What they’ll see is, Good guys being good. Bad guys being bad. Mean things being done. Nice things being said. Funny butt jokes. Happy ending. Bad got bites the dust

4 years ago

We enjoy movies and if we see something in them That makes our heads turn now we explain. Different time.... wasn’t thought of as wrong by as many. Ignoring what was won’t make us be better now but our children will learn history of how far we have come and how far we need to go

4 years ago

It’s pretty much known that Walt Disney was racist, anti-Semitic, sexist . I mean his movie Song of the South is now banned. Although they have come a long way it’s what the institution was built on. As long as you can educate your children and engage them in dialogue about what they are watching, giving them the true history of events like colonization and racism and just let them know those movies were made in a different time where women and minorities were seen as less than or some sort of prize to be won you should be fine. With everything that is on television now days and the adult humor on a lot of kids shows it’s more important than ever to have those conversations but it doesn’t mean the magic has to be taken out of being a kid.

4 years ago

I love everything Disney. And it doesn’t help much that I own a travel agency and frequently go there... but before you get concerned and I DO see where you are coming from, know that the message conveyed is often bigger than what the princess looks like. My pet peeve is actually the historical inaccuracy (I’m a history teacher too).

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