4 years ago

Budgeting for Groceries

How do you budget for groceries? Do you stick to a strict list when shopping?
Budgeting for Groceries

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27 days ago

@Lacey All I do now is pick up. I stick to my budget, instead of going down the isles picking up stuff that aren’t fixed in my budget. I don’t overspend that way.

3 months ago

Two adults, 1 toddler, and 3 month old gets BM. We go grocery shopping every 2 weeks and it's usually $150-$165 every two weeks.

Sandy Springs, Georgia, US
9 months ago

I go bulk grocery shopping at Costco once a month and then all the fresh products I need a every week I’ll stop by Publix. My Costco run is about $400-$500 month and the the regular store is about $150 month. We have a family of 4 with a baby in the way.

10 months ago

We try to plan meals out ahead of time and stick to the list when shopping.. we don’t have a super strict budget but we try to keep it at about $100 a week. Something that has helped for us in budgeting is we go to a meat market twice a year and buy ground beef and chicken breast in bulk.. so let’s say we spend an extra $120 in just meat at the meat market.. but that $120 will be enough meat for 40-50 meals.. so with not having to buy meat weekly it cuts our regular weekly grocery budget down tremendously

1 year ago

Around £500 a month for 6 of us Me and my partner Our pregnant 20 year old Our 15 year old son Our 1 year old Our 8 week old daughter

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