2 years ago

PCOS and Fertility

Hey all! I am new to Peanut. I have always wanted to have a baby, that much I know, but I have been worried I will not be able to carry due to PCOS. I have an appointment with the fertility doctor in October who can give me some insight on what to expect, however, I was interested in seeing others stories. What has been successful in combatting PCOS symptoms and fertility? Anything I need to prepare for? Things I can do health wise? Thank you in advance!
PCOS and Fertility

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1 month ago

Hi! I have PCOS and am 22 weeks pregnant. It is definitely not as easy of a journey but it is possible. I had to take letrozole to help me ovulate to get pregnant and I watch my diet very carefully now that I am pregnant. He is healthy so far. There is hope!!

7 months ago

I have PCOS and I am currently pregnant. I did lose 2 babies and had to completely change my diet and life, but it’s been worth is to be so close to having this baby. I was determined to try the natural-ish route before going full fertility support. We literally had our first fertility appointment in LA 2 weeks before finding out we were pregnant with the little girl On my belly now. I did seeding, Whole Foods, plus supplements and gut health products. I started waking everyday and not gonna lie I was the healthiest I’ve ever been before conceiving this baby! I’ve stayed consistent through this pregnancy and haven’t even put on as much weight as I had lost before starting my health journey. My pregnancy has been amazing compared to life with Endo and PCOS. I hope you get as lucky as me! 🥰

8 months ago

Hello, I tried for years and years to conceive to no avail, with different medications and fertility support. After practicing a gluten and dairy free diet for 3 months and having good old fashioned sex for the fun of it we conceived and I’m now 6 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I never ever thought this would happen after so long of trying but it has and it can. Stay positive xxx

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7 months ago

Good call on the gluten! I actually have been managing my PCOS for the last 13 years my being gluten free. Mind you, key word is manage, but it has been life changing!

8 months ago

My PCOS affected me differently.. i had great difficulty concieving because my ovulation couldn't be tracked and i only had maybe 4 periods a year and they were completely random. But conception was my problem, I had absolutely no trouble carrying to term with a healthy baby.

1 year ago

Hiya. I was diagnosed with pcos this year after coming off my implant of 15 years. I wasn’t getting periods and weight gain that was unexplainable and my dr referred me straight away. I have been to see the fertility doctor and I am now on metformin 1500mh a day. Also taking inofolic alpha to help. Hope you get the answers you want xx

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