2 years ago

Diastasis Recti help

How do i help this issue? As my stomach muscles are completely stretched to the middle when i get up 😩
Diastasis Recti help

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2 months ago

@Sian try not to use your core when you are getting up- my midwife told me to roll over and then get up from my side, or to push myself up with my arms- otherwise i get this! it’s quite normal later in pregnancy though!

5 months ago

It’s birth recovery center You can do it while pregnant and postpartum I doing the program I’m 9m postpartum

Flatbush, New York, US
6 months ago

Talk to a pelvic floor therapist! I know someone who’s great https://www.soniareiter.com/

7 months ago

I just found out I have this, my kiddo is 4 years and I had significant weight loss which is how I realized I have this. Still time to correct it with exercise?

8 months ago

I still have this, my kid is about to be 7. There are apparently specific exercises for this. I heard your not supposed to do crunches. Thanks for reminding me to look this up!

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