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Super funny well to me anyways, so last night I was super tired and I fell asleep before I fed my son (ik idk how that happened but to be fair he was asleep before I fell asleep and, he was with his dad and, I was already fighting my sleep) and when he woke up this morning (my son) I mentioned to his dad that he slept through the night and he’s a month old today!!! But his dad said they had to “feed themselves last night” and I was so confused I said what do you mean and he said you fell asleep with your boob out and he woke up and was hungry so I just put him on there and eventually he ate and fell asleep and that it was super hard getting him on there but he did all that instead of waking me up 😂 and I couldn’t stop laughing when he said that 😂
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Too funny! Good man!

Just the most sweetest thing a dad can do

Lmao love this!

That is funny 😂. And what a good man ya'll have!

Oh my god! That’s adorable!! You got a good daddy ❤️ and ur baby boy is ADORABLE 😍

This is the best story I have ever read lmao!! Too bad that can't be an every night thing lol

So sweettt

Hahha oh my goodness that is the sweetest!!

This is amazing!😂😂

Love that!! The cutest! 😍

🤣 wow thats amazing... now can they make that a regular thing for you?

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Yes that would be great 😂 now I can sleep through feedings instead of him

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