NICU Milestones

Today was a big milestone. Not only did we try breastfeeding (he latched as best he could, mostly just licked the milk) but we also moved from level 3 to level 2 of NICU! One step closer to home ❤️
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Aww that's lovely news hope your home soon I have been through this so I know exactly how you feel feel free to message me and add me anytime you want stay strong mama you got this xx

Congrats! ❤️

I’m so happy for you!! He’s a little fighter ❤️ congrats on the new milestone

Awwww so exciting. ❤️ Hang in there, mama! Your tiny will be home sooner than you know.

So so amazing! I remember out first time nursing in the NICU 🥺

That's wonderful! Such sweet first moments that are going to continue to come your way 🥰🥰

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