• Stacy
  • Fort Collins, United States
  • 10 months ago

Baby Wearing 👶🏽

When our daughter was born I had a baby carrier and it was so uncomfortable. I never used it. If we try for #2 I really want to use one. What is your favorite? What are the best brands? Do I get a sling, a wrap, a carrier? Help! (And can I look as cute as the Mama in the pic?? Lol)
  • J
  • ID, US
  • 5 days ago

Solly for little babes, then lillebaby.

  • A
  • Spring Hill, USA
  • 3 months ago

BABY K'TAN It. Is. Quick. Baby has fit it since day one and is now 22 pounds. No crazy wrapping yet still cloth only. You can buy preloved ones on their site (sometimes)so ya know, recycling/money saving. Etc. My sister used the same. Loved.

  • C
  • Charlotte, United States
  • 3 months ago

Sakura Bloom is the most comfy carrier I have ever tried! I love their slings for newborns (I have a cheap maya sling and the difference in craftsmanship and comfort is night and day). I also have their scout and onbuhimo. I use the onbuhimo way more often than the scout. I still use my sling for quick trips or if it’s windy and I don’t want babe on my back.

  • Shani
  • Philadelphia, United States
  • 3 months ago

Sakura Bloom Scout

  • S
  • Arlington, United States
  • 3 months ago

I went through seven different carriers before I found one that my son and I both liked lol. We decided on the infantino Go Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier. It is comfortable, supportive, durable and one of the less expensive carriers out there. Oh and it holds up to 40 lbs!

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