The grossest thing you've done in pregnancy?

I'm 23.5 weeks pregnant and just full on projectile vomitted all over my cat 🤮... The nausea came on so suddenly and I ran to the bathroom but didn't get there quickly enough. The cat was infront of the bathroom door, so was sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time. Safe to say, I feel very guilty and pretty mortified. The cat is giving me death stares from a safe distance, and my partner says it's the most disgusting thing I've ever done 🤣 So ladies... Please make me feel better and share the grossest thing you've done in your pregnancy!
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I about peed myself in Walmart I was in middle of store and took off waddle running yelling pregnant gotta pee...🤣 best part is an elderly lady I passed smiled and laughed then I came out of bathroom and she was waiting on me🤣🤦‍♀️ ikr! She said miss did you make it okay. Me being my blunt self said I tinkled just a little before making it. We laughed and as we walked back past cashier she told me how her children were grown and had children

I recently went to go have dinner w my husband at a steakhouse and as soon as we were getting ready to leave my daughter had to poop so we went and all that moving made me nauseous so I left my daughter in one stall over so I could barf and I totally missed the toilet ! 😭 I cleaned up but still told the manager so they could sanitize the toilet and all that.. but it wasn’t the first time I missed the toilet 😭😂

I walked past the roast chickens in Coles......clean up on isle 1🤮🤮🤮🤮

My husband and i were in our car heading home and I went to tell him to pull over because I knew I was going to be sick. I managed to pull the hood of my Hoodia around front and throw up in it the first time. Pulled it off trying to keep from throwing up again. Threw up a second time in my lap and a third time in my purse after managing to dump the whole purse out on the floor. Got to the house stripped down to bra and panties threw the clothes in the trash and went inside. It was November

MINE IS PROBABLY THE MOST EMBARRASSING ONE YET 🤪😳 My first pregnancy me and my partner and his parents all went out to eat at an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET . *keep in mind I’m pregnant so I’m stuffing my face , we all were stuffing our faces lol* so anyways on to the story, we all had to shit really bad .. so we decided let’s go home! So the Guys run to the bathroom first (ASSHOLES RIGHT) 😭 So I had to use the bathroom so bad including pee , that all we had was a mop bucket! So they all tell me just pee in the mop bucket! (I put a trash bag in it first) so I lock myself in our room, and start to pee in the mop bucket 😭😖 BUT IT ALL HIT!!! I HAD TO SHIT AND I HAD TO SHIT NOW!!!! Sooo... I shit in the mop bucket .... an then my parter and my Mil come knocking at the door wondering why it’s locked.. so I was like hold on I’m peeing... 😳 So anyways, I didn’t end up telling them I shit in the bucket till wayyy after the fact lmao 😩😭 Anyways, hope everyone likes my embarrassing story lol 😳😭🥶

In the beginning I don’t know why but I started to have blaster problems early on. My husband came home from work and worked out, took a shower and everything. When he came out he was holding the towel in his hand and said “why does this smell like pee?” And I said I don’t know that’s weird though. He asked if the dogs peed on it and I said no how would they reach they’re all girls and they squat. Well then he’s brushing his teeth I remembered I AM the one who peed on the towel the previous night because after I showered I tried to hold it while I was brushing my teeth and I squirted a little. I didn’t think it got on the towel though 😂 he wiped his face with that towel and everything lol

ommg 😂😂 i almost did that while i was sleeping, my cat is obsessed with my belly and had to sleep next to it every night. and i was so nauseous one night, i sat up slightly hoping it would go away but nope. came directly out as i sat up 🤦🏼‍♀️ all over me and the bed and everything, my cat must of known it was coming because he ran away the split second before i started to sit up. i cried so much haha ive never not made it to the bathroom before that😂 thankfully my fiance helped cleaned me up, put me in the shower and remade the bed without my help, which was nice because he super queasy about puke and normally get sick just seeing it 🤣🤣🤣 my poor cat slept under the couch the rest of the night hahaha

Omg!!! That happened to me so many times up at the beginning lol I could never make it to the restroom. One time I was in my younger siblings room had to puke got up to go to the rr but as soon as I got it it came out projectile all over the kids room :( then one time I was eating an apple in kitchen closest thing was back door but nope didn’t make it so threw up in kitchen sink :( threw up in my hand once on my way to rr to throw up lol yeah it happened numerous times

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