1 year ago

How are we activity teaching our children, that it isn’t our place to devalue other people? To not just be NOT racist, but to be an ANTI-RACIST human being?

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1 year ago

Making conscious choices about what we expose our children to. As a white woman, I want to make sure that my kids see past, present and future of all races and backgrounds & develop respect for peoples differences. The more they see, hear and talk about others’ differences, the better empathy and understanding they can develop as adults 💛

1 year ago

@Devon you raise an excellent point! Showing and freely discussing diversity! I think only being around one sort of human being, only seeing and understanding your own point of view of the world and your role in it, has caused so much damage to white humanity toward others. So to make the conscious efforts to expose your children to historical relevance of the diverse nature of our world, will make a worrrld of a difference. That is so cool. Being more proactive and towards means we as moms ( and dads too) need to learn more about the experiences and perspectives of others as @Gina shared above, so that we can mirror the conduct we want to witness within our progeny of the future. Thanks for sharing! 💌

1 year ago

Set examples in front of my kids. If someone says anything disrespectful about someone’s culture etc call it out. A while ago, we were at a dinner and my husbands friend was talking about how he always got good grades in school. A man started saying “yeah it’s because you’re Asi-“ both my husband and I at the same time said along the lines “dude really, let’s not go there, that’s an unnecessary comment” etc. my daughter was a bit young to understand but my son later asked us why we interrupted the man. We explained how jokes can be mean and demeaning. We now teach both about how important it is to celebrate people’s culture and heritage and to not talk down on anyone.

1 year ago

@Gina that is so true! A wonderful start , to set the example and mirror the way we should stand up for what’s right. You just brought up a really good point, about how much our silence impacts our children’s understand of what is acceptable. I love that your inquisitive child naturally has questions about your choice to speak up 🎈 Sparking these discussions and leading by example are excellent staring points 💌

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