2 years ago

Heart shaped uterus?

At my first ultrasound I was told I have a slightly heart shaped uterus. My doctor doesn’t think it is so heart shaped that it will cause major problems, but said we will continue to keep an eye on it as baby gets bigger. She shared with me that many women with this end up delivering a little bit early. Worst case scenario it can cause you to miscarry in second or third trimester :/ I’m curious - has anyone else had this experience, and if so, how did your pregnancy go?
Heart shaped uterus?

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22 days ago

My sister has this carried her baby girl to term no complications only baby was breech so she needed a planned c section

29 days ago

In my case the surgeon during my planned csection told me that I had a heart shaped womb and that that was probably the reason for my baby to have been breech. Did have a very early miscarriage but don't think it was due to the shape.

1 month ago

I have one as well! Had two miscarriages before I carried a healthy boy to 38w 6days and he ended up having a birth defect called esophageal atresia (a hole in his esophagus). He had surgery a day old and got it all fixed and he’s a perfectly healthy 1 year old boy! Starting to try again for our second. Doc said I have to be careful because my uterus is super thin due to the shape and him only growing in one side. Can have around 3 babies possibly!

4 months ago

Me! I had a healthy pregnancy (minus being sick for 90 % of it lol) they were going to do surgery during my surgery for endo but they didn't because it was not a tissue but actually part of my uterran wall but I got pregnant with my daughter and she was healthy all the way through to 37 weeks when I had to be induced (unrelated)

5 months ago

I also have a bicorneate uterus. Heart shaped as they call it with the wall in the middle somewhere. My 1st baby made it to 26 weeks lived for 3 weeks born natural he developed nec and tbats what took his life. 2nd born at 36 weeks and is almost 9 now no nicu stay born c-section,3rd born natural at almost 24 weeks lived for 3 weeks,4th born 35 weeks c-section nicu stay 5 weeks and is almost 3 now. Had fo have progesterone shots and have my cervix measured weekly or biweekly on 3 of the pregnancies.

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