First Date

What did you do on your first date with your Significant Other?
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We went to the movies and went to McDonald's to eat. Rode around talking then went back to my grandparents where I lived and hung out for a few more hours talking.

We were stationed somewhere where you could leave the base, so we went paint balling 😊

We got drunk at the work bar then ate a Dirty Burger 😂

We went to a local restaurant and then stopped by the Home Depot. After that we stopped at the park and chatted about life!

Our first date wasn't meant to be a date, and he had all three kids with him! I actually insists he bring them when we "hung out" so I would have an automatic "buffer" so it wouldn't be date-like. XD

Champagne 🥂

we went for pizza and a movie.

We went to a Patriots game - that was twelve years ago yesterday and my last first date 🙂

We went wheeling, watched a hill climb race, played in the mud and rain. Then came back to my house for bbq with all our friends.

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Sarah, what did you do?😁

He came to meet me at a friend’s house - it was a blind date. We met online and had been texting. Anyway we went to Starbucks and hung out, then spent the whole night talking.

He was visiting me (he lived in another city) so we hung out the whole day. We took a walk around campus, had lunch, took a walk around the river, hung out at the park, went to the gym and then had dinner.

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