2 years ago

Who else got blessed with twins this year?

Twin Girls Otw 🥰💕💓
Who else got blessed with twins this year?

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2 months ago

Me Iv got twin boy n girl 31 weeks x

3 months ago

First ever pregnancy and carrying DCDA twins at the moment 🥰🥰 can't help but be quite freaked out about it but so excited as well !!!

6 months ago

i got blessed with triplets haha 😂

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6 months ago

I changed three diapers today and I was like fuck no….

7 months ago

I’m currently pregnant with fraternal twin boys! Due in May

8 months ago

Hahaha jealous….. you have no idea…… It’s a blessing for sure but it’s a struggle straight from the first ultrasound.

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