2 years ago

TEETHING BABY!! Please help a mama out!!

Hi moms! I have a ten month old that is refusing to eat solids and drink his milk. I give him teething tablets and other teething relievers. I also gave him tylenol but still nothing works! He is losing weight and i dont know what to do. My anxiety is up to the roof! I dont know how else to feed him. Does anyone know how to relieve teething and have ur baby eat and drink normally again?!! Please help 😭😭😩😩
TEETHING BABY!! Please help a mama out!!

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1 month ago

I’m in the opposite spectrum, my baby is 13 months (11m adjusted) and no sign in sight that he’s going to start teething soon. He was born v preemie but starting to get concerned

2 months ago

Cucumber is 1 teething rings bonjela or even a little bit of whisky around the gums

6 months ago

Freeze Dummy, all chewy silicone ones. Parsons, Try yoghurt then make his food slightly warm. Bongela, go back to puree foods. Only way my daughter was eating. Also cereal, ice poles

6 months ago

Liquid anbesol all the way ive used it with all 6 of mine xxx

8 months ago

I'm exactly in the same situation!! My baby is 8 months... 😭

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