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5 years ago

Raising Sons

A really really important read for mamas of boys and girls, tackling many of the issues that I have been discussing with friends. Would love to hear your thoughts mamas Https://www.thecut.com/2018/03/will-leitch-on-raising-sons-in-2018.html?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=social_acct&utm_campaign=cut
Raising Sons

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1 month ago

Can't find it on Netflix . What's it called again?

2 years ago

Love this!

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing the article. I have started to struggle a bit navigating the path of teaching our sons to be the best they can be, dreaming big and reaching for the stars without worrying if I’m raising boys that feel they are entitled or empowered. Being a minority female this was the kind of environment that I grew up in. I grew up not having much, and so I was taught that if I want something that it is up to me to get it. That there is not a gender more superior than the other. And a bunch of other useful cliche lessons a little girl hears sometimes from adults and sometimes from stories that start,” with “once upon a time,” and ends with, “ and they live happily ever after.” I feel like I am doing my children a disservice if I withhold these kinds of teachings from them.

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4 years ago

I found that the best compromise for my family and my inner peace is to teach them kindness, love, understanding, compassion, empathy and patience. At the same time reminding them not to forget their morals and self worth. My hope is that in teaching them these skills, they will be equipped with an arsenal of life tools that will help them overcome different situations in their lives, without looking like aholes in the end. This is what all of us parents want in the end, right? Aside from happiness, we all want our kids to be able to thrive and survive even when we are long gone. The kind of world we live in now is most definitely meaner and a bit scarier than way back when, and I really believe that the chances of a person growing up to become a good person starts at home. And I would hope in me raising good God loving gentlemen, they in turn will also raise some good people and so on. I don’t just tell my kids to be nice to girls, I ask them to be nice to everybody.

4 years ago

Sorry about this long comment, I tend to be such a “Chatty Cathy,” sometimes. And sorry if your name is Cathy, don’t mean to disrespect 🥴

4 years ago


Astoria, New York, US
5 years ago

Excited to read this. I just watched "The Masks You Live In" on Netflix about masculinity in todays society...I feel like it's a good one for everyone, but especially those of us raising boys.

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5 years ago

Watching now!

5 years ago

I watched that Netflix documentary too! Fascinating

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