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Hello! My wee man is now 8 days old, has been transferred from Intensive Care to Special Care 3 days ago, is on no form of monitoring, feeds 75mls every 4 hours and messes his nappies as expected. But we’ve still not been given the go-ahead to take him home. And we don’t really understand why. Has anyone else experienced this kind of uncertainty in Queen Elizabeth? What should I do? We’re just desperate to get him home now.
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He is so adorable

My baby had to regulate her own body temperature before I could take her home it could be this ? Congrats and hope you hey to take you beautiful buba home soon x

I don’t have any advice but he is soooo precious !!!!

Is he on antibiotics? If he is he may to stay in to finish them. They wouldn’t keep him in unless they really needed to. Hope you get him home soon!

Your baby is adorable congratulations! I hope he comes home soon xx

In the US- we were held longer because the attending doctor who had been the one handling our case for the week didn’t want to hand us off to the weekend shift doctor who wasn’t familiar with the case. She wanted to be the one to discharge us. We were a special case, though. She had worked with our specialists all week and wanted to make sure everything was in order before we went home.

They did the same thing to me in the USA demand to speak to the dr they were using excuses like feeding although he was breast not bottle fed

Similar but not the same . Demand answers from the department head before you go crazy . You have to be on them . Shifts are changing and it sounds like they’re not keeping up

He's so cute 😍 I hope he comes home soon

You have rights as a parent. Demand answers. They can’t just keep him for no reason. You need to ask why they’re insisting he stay, why he needs to be there, when you can bring him home and what issues you might face brining him home if any!

So adorable maybe just monitoring for a few more day to be safe have you not asked the midwifes why x

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I have but I keep getting disjointed answers - one said he could come home today, another said tomorrow 🤷‍♀️ So we’re really not sure at all!

Oh that's so annoying they never seem to have a clue hopefully his aloud home soon x

He’s so cute!

Does he have jaudice? Oxygen levels low? Low blood sugars? Can’t you feed baby on demand 4 hours seems a long time for a new born to Go without xx

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I’ve not been given the opportunity to feed in demand given that he’s in the hospital - 4 hourly is what the midwives and nurses have put him on in terms of a feed schedule. Also none of the above health issues have been mentioned to either of us.

Okay, I would take it higher if you can a senior nurse. If you haven’t been told anything that’s so wrong. Xx

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