• D
  • Los Angeles, United States
  • 10 months ago

Did anyone give birth at home?

Were you happy you did? Was your family for or against it?
  • L
  • Okaloosa Island, United States
  • 5 days ago

I personally don't know how people can do it

  • A
  • Lebanon, United States
  • 5 days ago

LOL. I honestly don't know how people can birth in a hospital.

  • B
  • 2 months ago

Yes I had a home birth with my 2nd boy it was a unplanned home birth as his older brother was fast so they didn’t want me to have another baby in a ambulance.

  • A
  • Hainesport, USA
  • 2 months ago

Loved my home birth. No stress. I ate whatever I wanted the whole time . I walked and baked cinnamon rolls. And cooked food for after the birth. Took a relaxing epsom bath , braided my haie, painted my toes and nails. Rested watched chip and joanna . Haha my midwife didn't think I was even in labor; so she checked to see how dialated I was and I was already 8cm. Needless to say she stayed. Once things really kicked off we did whatever felt most natural. If I needed a different position or wanted to change rooms we did it right away. No scary meds or monitors or IVs and no one trying to speed up your labor. My midwife was so helpful and I really couldn't have asked for her to do more. Definitely will use her again when I have another.

  • M
  • Pueblo, United States
  • 2 months ago

I had a home water birth with my (only) daughter! It was hard, but awesome. If I had been in a hospital I have no doubt I would have ended up with a c-section that I didn't want. Instead I got amazing care from my midwife, steadfast support from my husband, got to pick my daughter up or of the pool, and had uninterrupted contact with her. I credit this for our almost emediate success with breastfeeding.

  • A
  • Lakeville, United States
  • 3 months ago

My last 3 of 4 babies were home births. My last baby ended up being an unplanned homebirth as she came very fast and my midwife was 15 minutes late. I had even birthed the placenta. I would t change my experiences for anything.

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