5 years ago

Pumping at work 😳🤱

Mamas, the thought of returning to work and finding somewhere to pump is giving me anxiety. What was it like for you to return to work and pump? Any tips? What did your co-workers think? Did any of you stop breastfeeding before returning? I want to hear it all, good and bad! I remember reading a story about co-workers mooing at a woman who was putting her breast milk in the fridge...😩😳 (YES TO THE BREASTFEEDING EMOJI BTW!🙌)
Pumping at work 😳🤱

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11 months ago

My coworkers have actually all been very supportive of my pumping journey at work! Many of them even cheering me on and telling me that I’m doing such a great job! And I’ve been doing it for going on 10 months now. So seriously, shame on anyone “mooing” at a mom trying to provide food for her baby! That’s ridiculous! And who cares what anyone thinks about you pumping at work?? As for tips…ask if your company has a designated area for you to pump. And have a discussion with your manager telling them that you are planning on pumping. Any larger companies are required by law to have a designated area for pumping, as well as breaks to do so. Also figure out what times work best for you to be able to pump. I got a pump that is able to run off battery so that I would be able to pump on my way to work and on the way home, which has been great for me, in addition to pumping at work. And plan ahead on where you would store the milk. Whether it’s a fridge at work or a cooler that you bring.

Bartlett, Tennessee, US
1 year ago

Luckily at my job, we have a room for mommies to go pump for their babies. I think it is very convenient for us breastfeeding mommies to have a room just for us to pump while at work.

1 year ago

I work in home health care and pump in my car while driving. I mean I don't have to deal with any issues from Co workers b/c my office is my car, but if I want to park and pump i have to clock out

2 years ago

They have to give you a room to pump it’s now become the law and you definitely should build up your support system now before going back where do you live?

2 years ago

We have a few lactation rooms at my job, they are equipped with couches, tables, refrigerator, sink, mirror etc. all you need to have a nice comfy/ private place to pump.

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