2 years ago

Teething baby... Help!

I am desperate to find a way to get my little one to sleep. He has four teeth coming in. He won’t go more than two hours of sleep if that! I need sleep 😫 I work a 4am shift 😭😭 I tried Tylenol like his doctor said but it doesn’t really help pleaaaaase.
Teething baby... Help!

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2 months ago

Say away from oral gel that is the worst stuff. Have you tried frozen fruit? Frozen rag, or even a cold rag? I heard green onions help. I did a lot of frozen toys and rags with my kids

3 months ago

Infant ibuprofen It will help with inflammation and ease his pain. Tylenol is more for fevers

4 months ago

BALTIC AMBER TEETHING NECKLACE!!! Literally the only thing that kept all 3 of my babies from pain,fever and discomfort when teething. If you don’t feel safe with the necklace get the anklet!

4 months ago

Chamomile granules and frozen breastmilk in a cloth and worst case paracetamol

4 months ago

Nelsons teetha granules are so good ! Don’t know if it’s only in the UK though

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