4 years ago

Sleep training?!

Any mammas in here sleep training their 3 month old? My little guy will be 3 months on Monday and I’ve slowly started sleep training!
Sleep training?!

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6 months ago

My baby is 4 months old,but every 3-4 hours he wakes up at night time,is it normal? He doesn’t sleep 6-7 hours nonstop 😐😔 Is anyone in the same situation? Any advice ?I am so confused

7 months ago

Yes, I sleep train. Makes life so much easier. The sooner the better

7 months ago

Happy to chat x

7 months ago

I’m a sleep consultant x I have a free guide https://www.laura-kate-sleep-consultant.com/5-tips-sleep-through

7 months ago

So my baby girl has her days and nights completely mixed up she had Covid and so she would stay up at night and sleep during the day and ofcourse I would let her sit can I do go get her days and nights back on track ? Any advice

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