2 years ago


I had my son 4 weeks ago (he’s my second) I was wondering who has the coil what’s your experiences with them etc I fell pregnant with my daughter on the implant so will not be getting that again! Even though I got one of the biggest blessings of my life! I’m 22 on the 2nd and so so certain that I don’t want to have anymore children...however I doubt the doctors will allow me to get my ovaries tied! So I’m giving contraception another chance to not fail❤️❤️❤️

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1 year ago

Hi I have also heard the mirena from my gp. Do they put anesthesia when they insert it? Are you awake? Doesnt the IUD/strings feel awkward?

2 years ago

Marquette method pee on sticks for hormones detected read by clear blue fertility monitor and temp drop or Daysy

2 years ago

Seconding the mirena/IUD. Had two over 9 years, no periods after about 3 months. Didn't use condoms at all for the last 7 years or so, and no accidents! I still got some cramps and backache and all insatiable hunger each month, but no periods at all. Painful getting it fitted, but removal was about 60 seconds and 1 big cough 😂

2 years ago

I had the mirena but ultimately I didn't know a reputable doctor will have a sono going during insertion(that one refused). I wasn't even told to take 600mg ibuprofen prior to, so please be aware of that. My issue had to do with a "human pride issue", not the device itself so if you know those procedural elements you should be fine.

2 years ago

I loved the Mirena. I didn’t have any issues with the hormones, it’s so low doses. I also didn’t have any periods at all after the first couple months which was lovely! It’s supposed to make them lighter at least. Copper is supposed to make periods heavier and lighter, but has no hormones so a good option if you’re sensitive to hormones. It’s pretty painful getting an IUD out it, but taking them out is easy and relatively painless. The Mirena last 5 years and the copper one 10 so a great long term fix, all you have to do is check your strings are still there once a month. (They leave a strong attached to the end of the IUD and it dangles through your cervix into your vagina)

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