2 years ago

Lets talk about diapers

I am trying to find a good diaper to hold the pee and not have it rip up.. preferably I am looking for ones that come in BIG boxes like 90+ (i don't like having to keep going to the store) my son walks, run? Jumps. I believe he is in the stage right before pull ups.. any diaper recommendations? Or what worked for you mums? What are you mums using on your LOs (Little Ones)?? Please Share
Lets talk about diapers

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9 days ago

Honest subscription!! Love the prints and love the wipes. Diapers work amazingly!

1 month ago

Pampers. I buy the 144 pack and they hold a lot for night time.

2 months ago

I used Hello Bello, Eco Boom, Andy Pandy && Parasol (Andy Pandy is my FAVE). They all offer diaper pants options for babies! I highly recommend diaper pants for super active babies. I put my son in diaper pants at about 8 months because he was standing & highly active.

4 months ago

Asda little angles can get 84 in a pack they are brilliant I've never had a probe

6 months ago

Nappy pants all the way! We always used lidl 1s on our now 4 year old..hes tall, long back and giddy!! Currently using pampers Nappy pants on our 6 month old and she's too giddy to lie still for Nappy!!

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