2 years ago

Let's talk Routines

When can i normally start thinking about introducing a routine to my newborn? He is 4 weeks tomorrow and not showing any form of routine with sleeping pattern between feeds etc yet....we are having quantity of feeding issues at the moment! He is always hungry!
Let's talk Routines

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1 month ago

@Manzi May I ask what your daytime routine was that led him to sleep so good at night? 🥰

4 months ago

At this stage I wouldn't stress about routine, once he's done cluster feeding he will put himself on a rough one and you can go from there, my daughter had a TOUGH first 3 weeks of life and then she got the hang of nursing just in time and put herself on a rough schedule that I the. Implemented helpful tools like lavender warm baths/ lotion, lights on / off depending on time of day and keeping consistent through night time & naps that sleep happens in the crib.

6 months ago

Look of on babymed.com or babycenter parent led and baby led and combination led schedules

6 months ago

You kinda can't at that age. Its completely baby led at this point. However when they're about 3-4 months they start getting more of a pattern

9 months ago

I went to a nurse when mine was 6 weeks and by 4 months he was sleeping through the night. I would start now. It also helps you plan your day and know when you can go out.

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