2 years ago

Do I really need that many clothes for my baby?

For my minimalist mamas, do I reeeeally need that many clothes for my baby? (Im currently 2 days late from my due date, still no baby & just reorganizing her dresser) Do babies get their clothing that dirty that often? 😅 i have so many clothes from her baby shower...too much. I mean if she’s good with chilling in her diaper all day (if the temperature safely allows of course), I’m cool with that! Any advice here?
Do I really need that many clothes for my baby?

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4 months ago

All we do are jumpers and jammies for the first year. Then we Branch into more pants and shirts. How I figure is five main outfits and 2 extra. That way laundry can be done every 3ish days and there is choice. Each main outfit once out of the jumpers is interchangeable as well (not gonna lie my kids will go through at max 4 oufits a day between meals and snack) 😀 I wish you the best of luck!

4 months ago

Defo need loads !!

5 months ago

I pretty much never dressed my son at home he only wore like three different onsies the first couple months for appointments. Now at 12 mo he still barely wears anything 😂 I think he has like 4 different outfits. Excluding pj's I think I have 4 to 5 of those as well

8 months ago

All. the. footies. I thought I had enough clothes but boy was I wrong, my baby rips through clothes, sometimes wearing them for less than 30 seconds before she spits up.

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4 months ago

Same! How annoying is it 😂😂

9 months ago

I kept everything with the tag on. Once baby got here and we knew what size we were needing we opened and washed a bit at a time until we felt we had the right amount and then returned the rest. We did this for every size we hit until we had a good idea of what we needed. We also did this with burp clothes and blankets. Personally I am glad I did it this way. I would have returned a lot before baby arrived that we ended up needing because I also thought it was too much and on some things we still didn’t have enough. But really it just depends on your child. They are far from clean though.

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