2 years ago

Maternity Clothing - when did you switch?

Hi fam! My mom is coming to visit to go shopping for maternity clothes with me in September and it got me wondering - when did you all start wearing your maternity clothes? I'm at week 7, no gain and only a little bloat, so I'm still in my full non-pregnant wardrobe. I went ahead and bought a maternity dress off Amazon because it was 11 dollars (and so cute!). Lemme know when y'all made your first maternity clothes debuts and lemme know if you want the link to my dress!
Maternity Clothing - when did you switch?

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1 year ago

Anne Louise Boutique loungewear has fab sets for pregnancy

2 years ago

I’m 5 weeks and pants just aren’t fitting right, but that was honestly starting before I got pregnant. So I’m in this weird place where I don’t know if I should buy larger sizes or buy maternity.

2 years ago

I’m only 5 weeks and I’m into the sports bras already!! Goodbye cute bras for now! Some friends of mine gave good tips that if you buy a good long T-shirt/vest top you can wear it to cover bump for ages then just throw a shirt or something over the top. That said every pregnancy different but shops seem To have a lot of stretchy stuff to cover you without needing to invest in maternity specific stuff! Congratulations also 🙂 xxxx

2 years ago

The first things I brought were sports bras at 9weeks. Then big granny knickers a size up and two bigger nighties. That was definitely after 20weeks but not sure when. For a long time, that and my baggier normal clothes did the trick. However, at about 30 weeks I needed to buy trousers and leggings that went over the bump. Only a couple are actually maternity though. Depending on the style, a size or two bigger does the trick. It's definitely worth investing in as even a month can feel like a long time if you feel uncomfortable. But I have been conscious to buy things that can still be worn after and/or can accommodate the need to breast feed (with regard to tops) x

2 years ago

I’m 22 weeks and still not in maternity clothes. I haven’t put on jeans though since the first trimester. I’ve been wearing my leggings, shorts, shirts, dresses and skirts still.

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