Maternity Clothing - when did you switch?

Hi fam! My mom is coming to visit to go shopping for maternity clothes with me in September and it got me wondering - when did you all start wearing your maternity clothes? I'm at week 7, no gain and only a little bloat, so I'm still in my full non-pregnant wardrobe. I went ahead and bought a maternity dress off Amazon because it was 11 dollars (and so cute!). Lemme know when y'all made your first maternity clothes debuts and lemme know if you want the link to my dress!
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Anne Louise Boutique loungewear has fab sets for pregnancy

I’m 5 weeks and pants just aren’t fitting right, but that was honestly starting before I got pregnant. So I’m in this weird place where I don’t know if I should buy larger sizes or buy maternity.

I’m only 5 weeks and I’m into the sports bras already!! Goodbye cute bras for now! Some friends of mine gave good tips that if you buy a good long T-shirt/vest top you can wear it to cover bump for ages then just throw a shirt or something over the top. That said every pregnancy different but shops seem To have a lot of stretchy stuff to cover you without needing to invest in maternity specific stuff! Congratulations also 🙂 xxxx

The first things I brought were sports bras at 9weeks. Then big granny knickers a size up and two bigger nighties. That was definitely after 20weeks but not sure when. For a long time, that and my baggier normal clothes did the trick. However, at about 30 weeks I needed to buy trousers and leggings that went over the bump. Only a couple are actually maternity though. Depending on the style, a size or two bigger does the trick. It's definitely worth investing in as even a month can feel like a long time if you feel uncomfortable. But I have been conscious to buy things that can still be worn after and/or can accommodate the need to breast feed (with regard to tops) x

I’m 22 weeks and still not in maternity clothes. I haven’t put on jeans though since the first trimester. I’ve been wearing my leggings, shorts, shirts, dresses and skirts still.

I went from my normal clothes to my husbands comfy clothes around 20-26 weeks lmao never got maternity clothes except a couple of shirts. I’m tiny naturally so buying XL in normal clothes worked for me

I never had to wear maternity clothing. My stomach never got that big. He weighed 7lbs and 2oz

At about 12 weeks my trousers were getting a bit too tight so I bought a band that goes over your jeans that allows you to leave them unbuttoned. I did this for about a month then at around 16 weeks moved to maternity jeans. From about 20 weeks I then also needed maternity tops/dresses.

Once I reached about 16 weeks hardly any of my trousers fit me so I struggled with what to wear once I got to 20 weeks it was getting silly so I just bought a load of leggings off eBay. £10 bargain! Will last me right through plus I didn’t feel comfortable going shopping with COVID still going on

I'm currently 20 weeks and still in my own clothes!

Around 25 weeks and to be honest it was only really trousers. I just brought the next size up in tops so I can still wear them now baggy if I want to x

31 weeks and i don't own a single maternity clothing item 💀 i fit perfectly in all of my clothes still,minus a few select pair of jeans

Around 21/22 weeks, only cause my jeans were getting too uncomfortable. Ive bought some maternity clothes and bought others a size or two bigger than I usually wear

I switched almost immediately just because I didn’t want to worry about buying more later on down the line😂 I guess I wanted to be extremely comfortable the entire pregnancy

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I did the same. I bought leggings in the next size up which fit me comfortably for about a week and then thought I'm going to be in maternity stuff soon I may as well be comfortable and get most wear out of them xx

I switched at about seven months. I only had pregnancy pants that a friend gave to me. Honestly I feel it’s a waste of money unless you really just want some maternity clothes, they’re costly and after baby is born you can’t fit anything anymore. I used to buy bigger sized comfy clothes and wear my husbands clothes a lot. Anything loose feels the best.

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I bought a pair of blue and black maternity jeans from old navy and called it a day! I call them my thanksgiving jeans now! 😂😂

I only did maternity jeans. Other than that, stretchy tanks and cardigans along with leggings were my best friend

I'm 31 weeks now, I only started wearing maternity cloths just past the 20 week mark, I didn't go crazy. I bought 2 maternity bodycon dresses, a pair of leggings,and 1 long sleeve top that's about it. With only 9 weeks to go I feel like my husband's t-shirts and my maxi dresses are just perfect. Don't spend too much on cloths you'll only use For a short time.

I’m twenty one weeks in and am just now getting around to buying maternity clothes. Mostly just pants with cinch waists or elastic waistbands because my belly is not happy with the jeans these days!

I got them right when I hit my second trimester because my belly was bloating and I didn't wanna keep my baby constricted.

Idk if you have one but I got a lot of my stuff at burleson coat factory, try Ross as well or target for shirts. Don't buy expensive stuff. Not worth it.

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This !

So you are due when I am (I am 6 weeks) I would look into buying shorts with maternity band, maternity tank tops, dresses. Stuff for spring weather. Also stuff youll need for work, but no need to go crazy, you may only need it for a few months. Stretchy pants saved me last time (I had a fall baby) regular jeans can get uncomfortable.

With my first I didn’t wear maternity shorts until my hair time broke off my shorts buckle. This second time around I got a bump fast and was wearing maternity shorts my 9-12 weeks. I wouldn’t go out and waste money on over priced cloths you’ll only wear for a year and a half max ( if you wear them for 2 pregnancies)

I bought maternity clothes but I never ended up grabbing for them. I always preferred leggings/sweatpants/yoga pants. For work I would wear leggings and a flowy dress. Around 30 weeks I had one pear of maternity jeans I started wearing occasionally. Personally, I would recommend saving your money. 😊

I'm 10 days from my due date and I have no maternity clothes. This is my second baby and I never bought any with my first either. I did the rubber band trick with Jean's until about 33 weeks, then just my running shorts and leggings. I had a few dresses that were like empire waist so those still fit me. Its covid season so my boyfriends tshirts and leggings have been my go to outfits

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I've already told my husband I'm hijacking his flannels this fall. Though cookies, buddy 😂😂

Hahaha you'll be so comfy😂

I used a rubber band to hold my jeans as long as possible. Not worth it! When your clothes start getting tight just switch, you'll be so much happier! Tip...what fits at 5 months won't fit at 9 so get flexible clothes or larger shirts bc what's loose now will be tight in the end. 😊

With my first kid I held off till maybe 20 ish weeks. But I’m currently with my second and I started wearing pregnancy pants like almost right away cause I felt soooo bloated that they were the only pants I didn’t have to constantly button and unbutton lol

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Haha yes exactly!

I did the same as Conny! I waited forever with my first and this time around I thought “why wait?” Maternity clothes are so much more comfortable than not and I am NOT in any kind of mood to be even more uncomfortable this time around. I’m 8.5 weeks and started wearing them at 6.5 weeks simply for comfort 😎

I was stubborn and held out as long as I could mostly because of my job I didn’t want them to know I was pregnant so I would say I made the switch at 7 months pregnant but I defiantly could of made the switch at 5 months

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