2 years ago


Hey momma’s! At first I was holding onto my little ones clothes for the sake of if I had another baby. Then I realized there are so many precious babies that need right this moment. I decided to keep a few sentimental onsies and donate the rest, along side formula and spare diapers. Please consider doing the same and brining whatever you could to your local church, I promise you there is another baby that could use it🙏🏼

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1 month ago

@Stacy hi do u have any still or no ?

5 months ago

My son is in 0-3 months he is three months 29th im poor and haven't been able to get him anything that fits properly 😢 California is probably to far

7 months ago

Hi I’m due may 9th and having a girl , anything will help

11 months ago

I live in GA!! I have some things swing bassinet.. contact me

12 months ago

I will want to give stuff out too. Where.

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