Am i wrong

So yesterday i was feeding my child and i knew he wasnt that hungry so i made him a little rice with chicken broth and i sis come in and says is that only rice i said yes and she says your a bad mom then later i posted this photo and my son's father calls me saying i was wrong and she's only here to help me i feel like he should have asked am i ok but no he just told me im wrong i dont feel like that i feel was out of line remind u i didnt go off or nun i just stared at her
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Opinions will continue to come, it gets real annoying so I understand! But your picture says you're unbothered but you are actually bothered because you took the time to do a post 🤷‍♀️

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Yeah u right

Calling you a bad mum is over the line

She’s out of line I would of told her to mind her business. My Sister in Law tried to say I’m a bad mom as well. I told my husband to go tell her take care of her child and leave me and mines alone. I would of put a post to and tagged her but I’m petty asf

She was definitely out of line. If she had opinions, she should keep them to herself. As for your SO, he should have asked you if you were okay and tried to understand why what she said made you upset.

Then I'm one hell of a bad mom.. My daughter (5yo) eats fried rice with egg (no veggies or meat), spaghetti and meatballs and mashed potatoes, hot dogs and pizza..and fruit, milk and yoghurt and egg whites (she almost threw up from a full egg one time so I don't even try to force it on her I simply separate them. I had the same experience around her age lol go figure). Imagine my brain trying to figure out new ways to feed her. I hide different types of cheese as I can, butter and other things. She sued to eat absolutely everything until she stopped (any type of meat, stews, etc) 😭 I can't even make her sandwiches for school because she won't eat them, go figure. The picture is not my cup of tea, but whoever told you you that was definitely out of line. I struggled with people's opinions on my child's diet for years. Then one day, at her school I hear some moms complain about the same issue "have no clue what to feed my child. He only eats pizza. Or she only eats bread and butter." I figured my D is well fed

She’s definitely wrong but posting a photo about it is childish

Petty for the picture but we all have moments like these , I myself am guilty of but hey learn to take what people say with a grain of salt 👌🏾. Opinions shouldn’t matter so much when you know the facts (at least that’s what I tell myself) you’re doing great. Ignore her next time and learn to brush it off.

She was definitely wrong! You know your baby more than anyone. She needs to know her place. . You are the mom, you Obviously know when your child is hungry or not.. (dont know if this is your case) one thing I hate when people try and tell you how to parent your child when they don't have kids themselves!

F that lady be polite bug that’s your child and you’re doing your best for your baby. Even if it was a little immature to post a photo that’s your baby and I get why you did it. People need to keep their opinions to them self they think they know everything about raising kids and shame other mothers.

She was out of line, but you posting a picture is immature. You should’ve said something rather post a picture.

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