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  • St. Augustine, United States
  • 8 months ago

Food before one?

I’ve got an adorable six month old baby girl and recently we started trying foods. So far we’ve tried avocado, sweet potato and baby oatmeal. She sits up great and seems really interested when I eat so I figured she was ready. But the problem is that she still spits out a bunch of it and really doesn’t seem to get the whole opening her mouth and swallowing thing quite yet. Should we just wait and try again in a couple of weeks?
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  • Windsor, CA
  • a month ago

Yuppers my son was the same way I compared him to my bffs baby who is 4 days older than him and he had the whole spoon n opening mouth thing down great my son on the other hand needed alil more time now hes all for it and will throw himself towards the spoon if I'm taking to long .

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  • Miami, United States
  • 3 months ago

Food before one is just for fun! We lived by that and feeding has been zero stress, our daughter is healthy, happy and an adventurous eater. Just turned 3. Six month old recommendation by pediatricians is being found to cause early onset of food allergies Check out books on baby led weaning and see why it’s so beneficial!

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  • 3 months ago

My baby ate mashed potatoes at 4 months old didn't really start eating regular food until 5 or 6 months old mine just turned three

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  • Troy, USA
  • 3 months ago

just keep trying! they will get the hang of it! we started solids at 4 months and around 7-8 months he had the hang of finger foods! now he eats everything and he's learning to use a spoon! be patient and start with small spoonfuls and scoop it from her lip and help it back into her mouth, eventually she will use her tongue to pull it back in after she pushes it out. then she won't lose anything at all!

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  • Troy, USA
  • 3 months ago

have you tried finger foods with her?

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  • Harker Heights, United States
  • 4 months ago

I started trying to feed baby food at 4 months, he had three teeth already. He was only interested for like the first two feedings and even then he’d eat like a bite or two then ask for the bottle. Around 6 months, we started feeding him baby food as actual meals with no bottle but he usually still asked for one. My family started giving him fresh fruit and little things off their plates. Now he’s 8 months and we give him whatever he wants aside from a few restrictions like no processed sugars so no cookies, cake, and those types of things, no soda, no pork, beef, nothing that comes out the ocean, etc. so I’m still high maintenance but less? Lol

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