Going back to work after having a baby

I go back to work full time in a few weeks my baby will be 3.5 months. I get the luxury to work from home as I live at my work (resort manager) my husband also works full time running his own business in the local area . Although I can have my baby at home with me while working I just could not get my work done and look after him at the same time so I’ve had to enrol him in daycare 2 days a week which in one way will be so nice to have my head clear to be able to get work done but in another way I feel so so bad for leaving my baby so young in day care especially in a pandemic and missing out on watching him grow not only on the day care days but on the days he’s home I won’t be able to give the attention I usually do as I’ll be trying to juggle him and work. We can afford to live off my husbands wage, but I love my job, have great benefits, I earn good money and if I can juggle it I’d rather work hard now so we can have a better future where we don’t have to work full time for the rest of our lives I just feel like I’m doing the wrong thing by my child and being selfish just to earn good money but it’s all for our future to make it easier Has anyone been through something similar and how did it work out for you?
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I truly believe he’ll get the best version of you if you’re able tot she care of yourself and go to work bc that sounds like what you want! Ps where is that onesie from?!

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Thanks! It’s from pat pat 🦆 xx

I had to put my second daughter in at 3 months because I didn’t have mat leave coverage due to being in college the year before, it was absolutely awful the first while and I felt so much guilt, but I knew also for my sanity and mental health I needed to work and have a break between balancing work and kids, they do change a lot at that age but they also learn tons at a young age of socialization at daycare, it’s been amazing for my kids in so many ways! And they don’t grow up thinking oh mom left me at daycare, they grow up knowing mom worked her ass off to give me a good life and I met new friends along the way 😊

Get used to it, you'll feel guilty about working their whole childhood but there are loads of benefits too. I'm a much better mum when I'm not doing in 24/7 and lockdown has been solid proof of that 😂

Thanks for all your replies they’ve all made me feel so much better about going back to work xxx

Hi i am a first time mom and I will be in the same boat come september i have to go back to work and my son will be 12 weeks old. I dont have any words of advice but i completely understand what your going through.

Why don’t you hire someone to be there at your home for those 2 days so you can still be around your baby but have someone there to do everything. That’s what I do and it’s better for me especially when they’re so young

What your feeling is TOTALLY normal. I took a year off with my first but I was actually looking forward to having some adulting time at my office. We opted for a nanny because it really was cheaper than a daycare. Maybe look into this? So you could still see babe on those days but know that they are in greaaaat care (not saying daycare isn’t great!) I think it’s very mature of you to look long term! Worst case, if it all becomes a little much, maybe consider cutting back on hours at your work?

Hey! I'm currently working at a daycare and I just wanted you to know that there is no shame in letting him go to daycare two days a week! Even at that age, the little thrive off of the social time. Your little will be able to interact and socialize with kiddos their own age and will get experiences they don't always get to do at home. It's a good choice!

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Thanks so so much exactly what I needed to hear to let go of my mum guilt, that’s really nice and thoughtful information I really appreciate it x

Thanks so much, I’ll have a look into it. He’s currently booked in 2 days a week in day care but I’m thinking once I settle into being back I could reduce it to one day a week or even two half days so that could make it easier for me and bubs to be together on this days 🤔

If you can live off your husbands wages, can you not stay off work for a little longer? He is still very young and they change so much at this age that i fear you may regret going back so soon, especially if you can afford not to. My friend went back to work after 5 months (partner left her and she had no choice too) and she was upset all the time over the milestones she missed and felt guilty all the time, even though she had no choice. I'm a working mama too and love my job, just don't want you looking back on this time and having regrets. Beautiful baby btw congratulations 😊xx

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Ooh i see, lucky you live free of charge but such a shame they have you over a barrel like that. Atleast they are allowing you to be flexible with your hours and cause you get to work from home hopefully it shouldn't be too bad. Wishing you all the best on your return to work.

Because I manage the resort and we live on site free of charge I do need to go back this soon, it’s the deal we’ve made with the owners otherwise I absolutely would have taken probably a year off! The positive is that because of the pandemic I’m not going back to as much work as things have quietened off a bit but do still need to go back on that date agreed on I have been told I don’t need to work a full 38 hour week as long as the job gets done and the result remain the same I can choose my own hours But yes I agree the milestones are going to be tough to miss out on...

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