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  • Katy, United States
  • a year ago

Traveling abroad with toddler? Anyone does this and can share tips/experiences especially for the long plane ride? We’d like to go to Europe...any suggestions on where to bring a 4 year old to in Europe?

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  • AL, US
  • 9 months ago

When we travel with our toddlers we have a special backpack that they get to choose special toys and games etc to fill it and then they can only open it while at the airport or on the plane. I know it builds the excitement for them and then the waiting and sitting is more exploratory in the bag. We also use educational apps and shows as well as anything that will stick and come off clean to the airplane windows like the jelly stickers or the suction cup toys etc. I think travel can be stressful but just like everyday when you just roll with it and allow flexibility it can be a blast even in the chaos. Sounds like a great trip coming up and I am sure your kiddos will make some lifetime memories!

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  • Springfield, United States
  • 10 months ago

I took my twins from Missouri to California when they were a little over a year old. I know technology is quite terrible for kids but mine had great attention spans and that kept them very busy. I would recommend trying to plan the flight around nap time so their body will want to sleep. The baby food pouches, soft blankets, tons of bottles and Breast milk and toys, got us through it. It wasn’t awful. Make sure they are comfortable!! Cute does not matter and if your little will still put up with it, a stroller/wagon is SO helpful. Some moms say to let them pack their own bags but if you have multiple under the age of 5, I would not recommend their own carry on. It just causes more stuff to keep up with.

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  • Jonestown, United States
  • a year ago

Im from Hungary, Budapest and the whole country is pretty good for kids, and its cheap. There is a lot of fun for kids: Csodak palotaja (physics playground), the zoo is really good, there is some awesome and free playground, lake Balaton is cool, cirkus, lots of shows for kids and museum what the little o es can enjoy too. There is a lot of pool and water park in the country too. I also really recommended croatia, the beach is beautifull and they have really good campings woth bungalows, and italy is close too, and slovenia is beautifull too.

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  • Irvine, United States
  • a year ago

We have twin boys and been traveling since they are 4 months. We have done about 4 trips to Costa Rica. I can tell you that it will depend on the day, you might be lucky or not really. But, you can make things easier for all of you by taking enough time to get to the airport, and to the gate. Pack enough snacks, favorite toy, download fav videos, book or anything that normally entertain him. Always carry his medication with you, and enjoy, even if it's not a nice or easy thing to do.. it will take you to a nice a place full of fun memories.

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  • New Cumberland, United States
  • a year ago

I’ve traveled solo with two of my girls, almost 4 and almost 1 at the time, and we had so much fun. I grew up a lot overseas, so my perspective may be slightly different, but I say go anywhere! Just go have adventure! What interests you the most? What are you most into when traveling? Then decide from there what countries best suit you, because you can’t just visit one ☺️

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