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Today was confirmed that I was pregnant with twins but one didn't survive. So today I trying absorb all the news from finding, I am pregnant after being birth control forever to now that I was pregnant with twins to now just one and not mention my blood pressure is high along with blood sugar and my thyroid levels. My ob gyn feel that might have contribute to miscarriage and I need to be really careful. I truly just need some encouragement 😪
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My thyroid levels were crazy high when I was pregnant with my son after 4 miscarriages (due to thyroid). He was born healthy and a decent weight. You can do it x

🙏🏾 Stay strong 💜

Stay strong momma. You are an amazing woman who is creating life.

Sending Love and Good thoughts 💕

Thinking of you and sending love and light your way ❤

I’m so sorry for your loss dear. Maybe your health concerns had something to do with it, but maybe not. It’s really hard to impossible to know, and shame on your OB for putting that on you. I hope that you can find the space and compassion for yourself to grieve and process all the life changes you have gone through. Know that you’re not alone, there’s a world full of women going through their own version of struggles, and we are all rooting for you. You are doing your best and you’re doing great. ❤️

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I am so sorry for your loss. Take it one step at a time and be easy on yourself. Sending lots of prayers your way ❤️

Aw stay strong mamma for yourself and your baby , I was pregnant with triplets and one didn’t make it xx

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Wow that’s amazing xx

Okay, I am a triplet!

Okay. Well a child is a precious gift from God. So that's says a lot about you. You are carrying a gift. You are special. Worthy. And maybe you had two. But maybe the man upstairs decided he wanted one too. Maybe the second embryo was so special to our God that he just had to have it. So l would look at it that way. And be so excited that you are chosen to carry this precious gift. And dont let your loss make you feel some type of way. But think of the gain. This precious baby is going to bring you so much joy. And smiles and laughter. And you will never be alone. And the other baby will be in Gods hands.

Sending love and prayers. Stay strong mama, you can do this, you can get through this. ❤️

Sending love 💕

Stay strong mama! You got this... get to doing some self care and lean on those you know can best support you!

Sending my prayers.

Mamas take it one step at a time and a day at a time because the more you stress it will but a strain on you so please stay positive with activities and look into a food schedule and stay positive with word of wisdom in the morning .

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