• S
  • Groveland, USA
  • 5 months ago

CPR Certification

When you were pregnant or after you became a mom did you get CPR certified?
  • N
  • Binghamton, United States
  • 5 days ago

I was signed up for the course that is included with pregnancy class so an overview not certification but ended up on bed rest and unable to attend. I was recently looking into certification at local facilities and it's like $200 for basic training and more for infant and adult training. I am a sahm and literally cannot afford that and it infuriates me that it cost SO much because it was extremely important to me being a first time mom.

  • K
  • Oliver Springs, United States
  • 5 days ago

I got CPR certified because I worked in a daycare, re-did my course while pregnant, and now I teach CPR classes !!!

  • I
  • Irvine, United States
  • a month ago

I did, yesterday in fact. It was scary at the beginning but very nice to have at the end.

  • M
  • New York, United States
  • 3 months ago

It’s a great skill to have. I had to perform cpr on my daughter when she was about 15 months.

  • A
  • Eglin Air Force Base, United States
  • 4 months ago

Yes for a baby, I took classes at the hospital in baby care and they teach you CPR on a baby and child

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