4 years ago

CPR Certification

When you were pregnant or after you became a mom did you get CPR certified?
CPR Certification

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2 months ago

Yup! I was already trained as a CNA but I took the infant class once becoming pregnant. :)

2 months ago

I was a fully trained first responder before I got pregnant, my dad also teaches the course so I’ll be doing a refresher once I have my baby 🥰

10 months ago

We plan on getting certified for sure!

Bayonne, New Jersey, US
10 months ago

I definitely did! Now I teach them! If anyone is in NYC/NJ - I offer workshops with certifications🌞 beginning in January 2022

11 months ago

I had my CPR certification in high school (didn’t renew it so it’s not valid for years) really love having the skills and think it’s super important for everyone! Signed up a class for my hubby but it was pretty lame, plan to sign us up again for a more professional one after the baby is out.

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11 months ago

Def recommend going for classes that let you practice physically so your body gets the memories. Just the knowledge is better than nothing but it’s not as useful as muscle memory <3

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