2 years ago

Katy Perry PP body

Just seen this & thought i would share it. This is katy perry 5 days pp. I think its great she is showing a realistic view of how mums bodies can look after giving birth. There's too much pressure on mums to have the "perfect" body right after giving birth & the more people realise that this is completely normal the better. Refreshing to see a celebrity showing that & not filtered pics from flattering angles only.
Katy Perry PP body

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26 days ago

It portrays the others who do look that way. I personally looked like nothing happened but I only carry in my belly. Then it goes away. I kept a Fanny pack after baby #4' though lol

4 months ago

If only men went through it.....

6 months ago

I love that she shared this

8 months ago

Jesus I am a massive fan but literally didn't know she was pregnant wow suit her so well what a beauty

9 months ago

Needed to see this! I've found it so much harder to budge the weight after my 2nd, 3 months pp and I still feel huge!

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