Our daughter just came home from the NICU yesterday. She’s now eating every 1-3 hours. She’s 3 weeks old today, and yesterday she turned 35 weeks. We’re going to ask the pediatrician but is it possible to get her longer stretches, or just have it like this?
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That's totally normal! My nicu baby was born at 31 weeks and 4 days at 2 pounds 10 ounces. They had her on a schedule feeding e very 3 hours and when I brought her home she started to eat more often now shes 7 months old and eating every 3 to 4 hours and doing great! Just give her time she will do what is best for her little body.

Unfortunately that is the norm for how small she is, I remember my first was the same, in the nicu too and that first month or so was EXTREMELY sleep deprived. Just keep up the good work, I always tell myself “it won’t last forever and one day I might miss this feeling” so I try to find joy in that. Best of luck to you and your little bundle of joy!❤️

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Thank you bunches! ❤️

Oh my goodness she’s soooo cute!

Mine is 4.5 months old and still eats every 1.5 hours throughout the day. Every baby is different.

Aww! She is so cute.

Being so tiny the nurses will have had her on a strict feeding schedule and it will take some time for her to get into her own routine, only thing you can do is go with it for now and as her tiny stomach grows she will be fuller for longer

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Mine was full term and fed every two hours for a long time!

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Man... she has days where it’s every 1.5 hours. Then sometimes she will go 3-4. She has her days lol.

She is beautiful, congratulations. I would feed when she wants, even if tiny amounts. My friend had this and started longer stretches but then the baby didn’t put on the needed weight.

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Oh Damn! Thats good to know

Awww Congratulations! Amazing to hear shes doing well!💓👶🥳🙏 Are you wondering about feeding?

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Yes I had kinda wondered if it was okay if one day she went for like 5 hours. We got the confirmation last week she’s able to

She’s so precious!

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Thank you! 🥰

That sounds like normal newborn behaviour. She’s beautiful by the way!

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Thank you!

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