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  • a year ago

Comparing myself in pregnancy

I avoided social media for a long time, because I wasn’t in a healthy mind frame. When other people showed me their wall or page or what people were doing or wearing I got caught up in the comparing syndrome. I would then go to this insecure place, and act out on my eating disorder as a way to cope. I didn’t join any social network until I was in a healthy place mentally and physically. Now being pregnant, I notice myself going to that dark place again. I try on my “normal” clothes, and feel uncomfortable and fat. I see other women only gaining pregnancy weight in their stomach, while I feel out of control where my baby weight gets distributed. Physically I haven’t been sick, but emotionally I feel bipolar. I get caught up in the comparing game again wishing I could handle pregnancy with grace and ease like other women or wear “it” better. For so long I was able to control my food, workouts, emotional wellness to avoid slipping and now the very body I’m in doesn’t feel like my own. I used to hear women talk about postpartum depression, but rarely prepartum. Even writing this, auto correct doesn’t register the word and wants to change it. I haven’t taken many photos of me being pregnant because I’m super judgmental. My sister told me one of her regrets was not documenting her pregnancy and I thought, I’m traveling all over the world, I should have some reminder to share with my son one day. To remind him and me that just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I have to stay in the house, be in a protective bubble for 9 months, and prohibit me from living life; my life and his. For all the negatives I have about pregnancy one of the positives is realizing how strong my body really is. It took me being pregnant to realize what my body is fully capable of and how weak and deceiving the mind can be. I won’t be one of those women who says they love being pregnant because I don’t, but with every little kick my son gives me, I get out of the darkness and into the light.
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When i was pregnant she took everything from me and wouldn't let me eat anything. So i was really skinny with a fat belly at one point. Idk if this will helpbut i just had to constantly remind myself that at some point shes gotta come out and i won't be a stick with a pumpkin anymore. Even now with my pouch and stretch marks and not fitting into my normal pants i have to remind myself that i just had a baby and my body wont ever be the same. I use my love for her to battle the negative thoughts and try to use it to empower me. Like "yea i got this extra loose skin and my pants dont fit but i made a whole ass person and im awesome for that"

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  • 5 months ago

This post may be old but it is everything ❤️ so many women (including me) have these exact same feeling and it’s so nice to know that we aren’t alone. Thanks beautiful!

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  • 10 months ago

Girl...I hated pregnancy: babies are great I love my son...but no. Anxiety went out the roof...I got fat.,.not fun at all...

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  • a year ago

Stay strong, Honey, you are beautiful. That weight your putting on is your baby growing so he can be healthy and strong outside of the womb.

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I felt the same way it took me two years to finally weigh 100 pounds which is normal for my height 4”11 and during pregnancy seeing all that hard work and dedication fading was hard now that I have had my daughter I’m at 136 and breastfeeding but I’m a lot happier so don’t worry it gets better 😊

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