4 years ago

Anyone having breastfeeding issues? What have you done to overcome it?

My son was severely tongue tied and lip tied as well. After two surgeries and lots of therapy he only started breastfeeding well around 3 1/2 months. I’ve had a supply issue from the start. I can only produce about half of what he needs. I’ve tried it all. So many supplements. I’ve tried eating all the galactagogues. I’ve pumped. I’ve taken domperidone. We have relied heavily on donor milk. I’ve bought breastmilk and I also make him a home made formula in order to make sure he’s getting enough. It has been a crazy challenge, one that I didn’t even really know was possible which made it so hard to not feel broke somehow.

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1 year ago

Hey Shannon! Firstly well done and don’t give up! Keep trying till it happens! I am curious though why domoeridone didn’t work?! Anyways I increased my milk supply by creating a demand that means I was breastfeeding 20-30 min in the beginning, topping up with formula and I was pumping every time I was breastfeeding for 20min and that was every two hours! I also was doing power pump twice a day. Read my story of breastfeeding here and it might help you! https://newmamablog.wixsite.com/newmamablog/post/my-breastfeeding-story

2 years ago

Any that you can give him is a win, and you get that extra bond. Have you tried eating cooked oats that's always helped me with my supply

3 years ago

Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but have you tried a SNS system? You have to move milk to make milk so if he's taking a bottle instead of nursing then that's hurting your supply. The SNS let's him nurse and take a "bottle" at the same time. You fill the bottle with whatever you're supplementing with and tape the small tubes to your breast while he nurses. I got mine from my lactation counselor but they sell them on Amazon. Some of the things that are supposed to help increase milk supply can also decrease milk supply.

3 years ago

I tried to breastfeed both my boys. But each time my Breasts swelled up to the point of tender to the touch, couldn’t wear a bra, heavy and it looked like I had breast implants done. Did the whole switching between hot and cool clothes plus massaging them to help. Then found out that my Breasts were infected. The milk dots( best way for me to word it) were clogged. Which required antibiotics. So ended up bottled feeding both boys, which sucked cause I was looking forward to the breastfeeding experience that almost every mom went/is going threw. But I lucked out, bottled feed. Pumped to get all the infection out. Did what needed to be done.

1 year ago

This is totally normal you know hun hapoens to alot of mum's but if you keep persisting it usually disapates and haoens less and less x

3 years ago

Use regular formula. I produced enough for 4 babies...that weren’t mine. Mine was lactose intolerant. So I had milk that was projectile..would choke my baby if I didn’t let down and express before feedings...but wouldn’t feed my baby: almost punched a lactose consultant. Do what’s best for both of you. I ended up alternating bf and bottle. So that I could ensure he would get nutrients while I got off all milk products. Wish I had done it sooner...baby Brezza forever.:.

1 year ago

Hi Brenna, My little one is almost 8 weeks and seems to struggle with lactose. I tried lactose free formula and she seems to feel much better, poos are no longer explosive/green. I keep pumping and storing my milk as I’m completely depressed not being able to continue with breastfeeding. I let her take breast a few time during the day as she doesn’t take much more than 60ml of formulas per feed. How was you experience with a lactose intolerant baby? Was it temporary?

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