• Tasha
  • London, United Kingdom
  • a month ago

So ladies...tell me a funny baby brain story😀

I once drove to work and took the bus home 🤣
  • L
  • Denton, United States
  • a minute ago

I forgot how to spell my son’s name. He has a 4 letter name 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • A
  • Eglin Air Force Base, United States
  • 3 days ago

I drove all the way to work without shoes

  • A
  • Clear Lake, United States
  • 12 days ago

I was wearing two different kinds of shoes and left the house

  • J
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • 14 days ago

How many times have I bashed my head on the roof of the car whilst sorting out the baby seat!which bra takes me about 10 hrs to figure out!!new Mum btw just to validate the car seat and loading g the car skills!!I also ordered a coffee in Costa today and walked off forgetting to pay for it!!xx

  • J
  • Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • 14 days ago

Just realised I’ve written which bra instead of btw abbreviation for by the way!!hope u all know what I meant?!baby brain again!!xx

  • T
  • Mount Barker, Australia
  • 17 days ago

Went to the petrol station to fill up my car that I normally fill up all the time. Sat in the car for 10 minuets wondering where the petrol lever had disappeared to ... started to panic then finally realised that it was never inside of the car it had always been a fuel cap you push on outside of the car to open up your fuel tank never felt so dumb in my life. 🤦🏽‍♀️👶🏽🧠

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