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Your sleep questions, answered!

This week we’ve teamed up with Lauren Olson, a child sleep expert, to answer your questions. Helping families around the world with realistic and modern sleep solutions, Lauren is happy to answer anything to do with sleep struggles, naps, bedtimes, and more! To submit your questions, either post below or message me (Ashleigh from Team Peanut privately. We’ll be sharing the answers to the 10 most-asked questions on Wednesday, 16th September.
Your sleep questions, answered!

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8 months ago

Aside from a routine. How can I get my toddler to go to sleep and stay in her room at night? Even if shes asleep nearly every night hours later she still ends up in our bed

8 months ago

this what I'm going through with 6 month old she was sleeping in crib and sleeping through night now she's waking up every 3 hours

8 months ago

I have a question about navigating breastfeeding in the middle of the night with a month old newborn. Is it important to burp your baby in the middle of the night after they eat off the boob? I feel like it’s so much easier to feed and then they are sleepy and you slip them into the bassinet and go back to sleep. But I worry I’m leaving him with trapped gas if I don’t burp him after or during feeds. Help! Lol 😂

9 months ago

My oldest used to sleep in her crib but since I came back from the hospital after having my second she will not go in the crib at all not even to play or just to set her in for a few while I get something done. She's almost a year and a half and the only way she'll sleep now is she has to be with me

9 months ago

Baby crying and whining while being rocked to sleep (8 month old) and then not sleeping in crib!

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