Does anyone else feel overly attached to their husband while pregnant? We just bought a house & found out I was pregnant right before we moved in & all I want is to stay home from work to be with him 😕 he works second shift too so I sometimes don’t see him all day until 11:30pm
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No I didn’t want him to touch me period

Deja vu. In my last month I practically cried every time he went to work. He ended up taking time off just to spend time with me lol. I don't regret it, even tho things are tight now financially, when things are rough with the newborn I think back on those days we spent just chillin, loving up on each other

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The one thing I’ve had such a hard time with is us not having enough time for each other. We already work different shifts so we don’t see each other for more than a couple hours a week & lately I’ve been too exhausted to stay up late but I try. But I’m so scared having a baby will limit that time even more 😣

That's so sweet I'm happy for you guys

I was super attached in my first trimester, just wanted his attention day and night and even got upset when I saw him sleeping peacefully while I stayed up at night with my morning sickness! Hormones do a funny thing to you, definitely feel a lot more like my usual self, just hit the final trimester today :) congratulations and best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy.

Yes I feel the same😂 must be hormones I usually like my alone time

Very much so. I feel so much happier just having my fiancé in the room with me. He’s still working from home so when I’m not working it’s great to know he’s in the house with me. I’m also very needy of my parents. I ring them up like 3 times a day now just to cry down the phone to them when I’m feeling crappy and need cheering up 😅

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I feel this! We haven’t told my parents yet but I feel a slight attachment to my mom, even though we’re not telling her yet

We decided to tell my parents and my fiancé’s mum and grandparents for support as I collapsed at 6 weeks. My bestfriend knows too as I work with her and as I’ve felt like utter crap she would realise somethings not been right. Find comfort with whoever you need to right now. I’m hoping to get a friend or a two from off here who are in the same boat.

This is my fourth pregnancy and the only one I wanted my partner around 🤣 the other three I couldn’t stand the smell of him or anything 🤣

I feel like mine comes and goes, probably hormones lol sometimes I’ll be like I NEED YOU.. other times I’m like ugh you’re aggravating me get away. Lol He did work 2nd shift which was from 3:30pm to 4am and it was hard, he just recently transferred to 1st 5:30am to 4pm and now it feels weird. I love it but I really liked my own time at night once the kids went to bed lol.

🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ this is totally me lol

I couldn’t stand my husband while pregnant! Lol I was clingy after the baby came. 😂

Yes! Especially in my first trimester. I was dealing with a lot of depression during early pregnancy and when I’m feeling that way all I want is my husband.

Awwww! So cute!

Yesss lol I thought I was the only one, I just wanna be up underneath him literally all the time. Like I'm so attached. I'll follow him around the house and I'll sometimes cry when I start to miss him too much lol

I’ve been feeling clingy with my hubby too, more than normal. I just want to cuddle with him all the time now.

Oh my god I am totally not attached to my partner I feel really turned off by everything about him ha ha I'm trying not to worry

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Opposite lol. I needed space constantly. And he was overly attached to me and it drove me crazy 🙄🤣

NO!! lol give me a dark empty room and id be happy:)

Me! I was going to go away for a couple of days with my girlfriends but felt really anxious to be apart from him! So weird! We didn’t end up going for other reasons in the end. Must be the hormones!

Yeah no, we got married pretty recently and I want some space!!! I’m sure it’s this crappy year and these hormones (and my MIL) but I want to kill him half the time 😂😂

I kind of feel the opposite lol I used to feel that way before but now I really enjoy my time alone. So relaxing. Feels heavenly lol but when he is home I definitely get that attached feeling back and want to be up under him.

I was super attached while I was pregnant. Like if I was in the bedroom and he was in the living room I’d miss him attached😂

Me. I just want to cuddle him all day long lol

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