• J
  • Gloucester, United Kingdom
  • 5 months ago

What’s your past time when feeding?

Once baby is latched on and you’re feeding, what do you do apart from look lovingly at them? I tend to catch up on my phone, seeing as she’s on for about 40 mins each time. (Whilst checking breathing, burping etc)
  • S
  • Doonside, Australia
  • 6 days ago

I work on my online business. I plan my food for the week/ shop lists. Catch up on some reading 📖

  • B
  • Highlands Ranch, United States
  • 15 days ago

Phone, lol - online shopping, FB/IG - now this app!

  • A
  • Endicott, USA
  • 25 days ago

Facebook, my online poker game, reading or binge watching my shows.

  • D
  • Troy, USA
  • a month ago

i read rainbow fish or sing baby beluga until he falls asleep. then it's reading the news on my phone, or playing a game on my phone. I lay down and nurse on our bed so I have two hands 😄

  • Marga
  • Manville, United States
  • 2 months ago

Lol this app! 😂 amazon, Netflix

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