2 years ago

Weird pregnancy cravings

I am currently pregnant & been wanting to eat the most craziest stuff. I have to eat hot sauce on almost everything. I use to love seafood but now the smell makes me nauseous. What strange pregnancy cravings do you have?
Weird pregnancy cravings

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12 days ago

Had 4 kids & 1st one was Raman noodles mixed with baked beans. And TACO BELL anytime 2nd kid very cold nearly frozen oranges 🤯and I seemed to have acquired These tastes post pregnancy too! 😂 Oh and Idk if you know how much a bushel is but once I've eaten half a bushel of mangos w/ my 3rd child ! Last&4th pregnancy😋ALL I WANTED WAS ANY&ALL THE MEXICAN FOOD I COULD FIND!!!🇲🇽🌮🌯🫔🇲🇽 #ireallymisssouthfla 😥

1 month ago

Mine was spicy food before I got pregnant I couldn't handle spice on any thing would sit and have korma from an Indian now I'm ordering madras and hotter something that was way way to spice for me before hand... I can't eat sweet stuff any more and I would normally eat bags and bags of m&ms a day because why the fuck not also sliced tomatoes and dolmio pasta sauce is amazing

1 month ago

I remember really wanting anchovies and strawberry yogurt dipped in. Now I like them both 😌 when I went to buy them the sight of the anchovies make me want to vomit 🤢

1 month ago

Sour stuff, unripe mangos, sour candies, tamarind candies, anything sour, but it’s calmed down a bit in the 3rd tri.

1 month ago

@The Cool Mom I had this insane craving for sour candies in my first or second tri.

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