• Stacy
  • Fort Collins, United States
  • 3 months ago

First meal

What was the first meal you had after giving birth to your baby?
  • G
  • Hillsboro, United States
  • 17 days ago

Sushi and my favorite drink. Jack and coke. :) it was heaven!

  • S
  • Orange Park, United States
  • a month ago

Chicken tenders from the hospital it was dry and gross, wasn’t enough sauce in the world.

  • A
  • Binghamton, USA
  • a month ago

Hospital grilled cheese. It was super gross and stale :(

  • E
  • Mahwah, United States
  • 2 months ago

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich 🥜🍇🍞

  • F
  • Concord, USA
  • 2 months ago

A sandwich from jimmy johns and it was the best thing I've eaten in my whole life lol eat one a couple of weeks later and never going to be as good as my post csection meal

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