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Today my daughter tells me mommy i want you to start eating better and stop eating so many sweets and drinking so much pop and it hit me hard i know if my daughter see's that then its bad enough i need to change and i know i been struggling hard with it but ik in order to get better and feel better i have to start putting my health first 🥺
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Give her the biggest hug and kisses! That girl is going to change the world one day! She even makes me want to change my diet! Lol and also, who could say no to that face???

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Ikr she is my miracle daughter she is the biggest blessing i have in my life

Love that she cares! You can do this mama! Follow @juststrong on Instagram to help keep you motivated!

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Thank you 😊

Which @juststrong is it on Instagram

Hugs!! It's so hard when our kids call us out on our weaknesses. Take it one day at a time. ❤

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Thank you and yes it is hard i feel like i failed her but ik i havent she just wants me to do better for her sake

That’s so sweet of her to care about you health at such a young age !

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Ikr i never thought my 4 year old would be concerned about my health like that till today.

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