• S
  • Londres, Royaume-Uni
  • a year ago

Shared account on maternity leave 💷💳

Shared account with your partner, how do you work it out? Would be curious to see the different way couples manage
  • M
  • PA, US
  • 6 months ago

My husband and i have a joint account and it works just fine. We genuinely see our selves as nothing but a team so we dont worry about who made more money that month, or who spent more money that month. We arent in a situation to really go on shopping sprees or anything crazy most of it goes to bills, but if i need or want something i usually just run it by him. Not that i need to, but out of respect because we are a team, and he does the same. If its for the baby and its something small i usisally just buy it because its out of necessity for her. if its something bigger we usually have a discussion about when is the best time to purchase it. I was concerned about the joint account thing at first but its worked out really well for us.

  • G
  • Port Saint Lucie, United States
  • 7 months ago

We have 2 babies I stay home. We have been married for 3 months and he pays for everything and buys me whatever I need and I get an allowance to spend on me. My hair and nails close whatever I want. And the account is joint.

  • Kayla
  • TX, US
  • 7 months ago

My husband is so sweet. He works, we have 2 joined accounts and when he wants to spend ANY money (could be a video for $60 or a bottle of water for 99¢) he’ll ask me before he spends it because I manage the money. I tell him all the time he doesn’t have to consult me on little things or things he needs but he still does. ❤️

  • M
  • IL, US
  • 8 months ago

We had a joint bank account before we were even married. I control the ins-and-outs and he basically gets an allowance weekly. It just works best for us that way since he's a spender and I'm a saver. Any big purchases are discussed and decided upon together.

  • L
  • Orlando, United States
  • 10 months ago

My hubby and I have joint accounts. We don’t do the whole my money is separate from his money. It’s our money. We both work hard regardless of who gets paid more and All our bills are together. Every month we set aside the money for our bills, and set a limit on eating out, shopping, etc. If he wants to buy a new pair of shoes or something for example, we’ll set it aside in the budget for that month. Our main priority is to take care of home and baby, which is a responsibility we take together so it makes sense to have a joint account. However everyone does things differently and they have their reasonings for it.

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