4 years ago

Shared account on maternity leave 💷💳

Shared account with your partner, how do you work it out? Would be curious to see the different way couples manage
Shared account on maternity leave 💷💳

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9 months ago

Everything has been joint and has been since we moved in together - the main reason was I shouldn't have to ask him for money if/when we had kids. Paychecks go into the shared account, then we do have personal accounts and we each get 'pocket money' each month to spend on whatever we want, no judgement or discussion with each other. It has worked brilliantly for 5 years, my husband earns a lot more than me, but he doesn't work harder than me, we are just in different fields. When baby comes it will be the same!

12 months ago

Joint accounts once we brought the house about 4 months after we married. Helps that we currently earn the same amount. Set it up so his pay has always paid the mortgage, bills and groceries. Mine goes to our future house reno plans, new car, holiday savings and savings specifically for maternity leave (no employer paid leave) so once the baby comes we just go without the luxuries for a while. We each have our own separate account which gets $100 a fortnight to spend how we wish. Before we were married and joint i had worried how it would work but we've both adjusted well. I think it would be harder for a tighter budget getting each others approval when getting one thing means going without another.

1 year ago

We both work. We have 3 accounts. One for each of us and one shared. I computed our monthly bills and they all get automatically paid on our shared. A portion of our paychecks go to our shared.

1 year ago

We both work full time and he makes slightly more than me. We don't have shared accounts. I pay the car insurance and he pays majority of the rent so it evens out. Other than that, we don't have anything combined. Been together almost 7 years, living together for 4.

2 years ago

We maintained separate accounts after marriage and each paid for certain things, like he took care of the mortgage, utilities, home repairs, things like that and I did groceries, phone bill, pet care, miscellaneous things as they came up. That's when I was working full time. I'm fully a SAHM now though, so while I technically still have my own accounts, they rarely have anything in them and my husband have me a card that draws from his credit card for groceries, gas, pets, etc and all bills directly pull from his account now. While I don't love not having my own money to spend just because he feels weird, he doesn't usually say anything if I buy something non-essential with the credit card, so in general, this arrangement works for us.

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