Announcement Anxiety?

I’m pretty anxious and superstitious about everything but especially when it comes to pregnancy! I didn’t want to announce until the baby was born because I was scared something would go wrong if I told people. I’m 16+2 today and decided to announce on social media and I’ve been making myself physically sick with anxiety all day and want to go to the hospital for an ultrasound to make sure everything’s okay. Any other mamas like this? Any tips on calming down 😭
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Hey, I know what you mean, I’m 20 weeks now and it’s just flown by but haven’t put anything on social media. Two of my friends have opened up about being pregnant to me and they aren’t putting it on social media either which does mak me feel better xx

I am the same! I won’t even buy a pram yet because I worry incase something bad happens 😩x

Yup. I’m 17 weeks. Said I would announce at 13 and still haven’t done it.

I'm like this with my current pregnancy mainly because with my last pregnancy I lost my son at 21 weeks and this was about a month after I made the huge announcement...i just felt like some people were genuinely unhappy for me and praying for my downfall and so this time around I still haven't made an announcement...once I get my maternity pictures back then I will do it...by then I will be a bit further along...im almost 26 weeks now so by the time I make the announcement I should be past 30 weeks

Oh man can’t relate because I share as soon as I get a BFP lol 😝... but I would say maybe get off social media for a day or two to ease the anxiety. That always helps me!

I didn’t announce until my baby was safe in my arms just because I was worried of the need to explain the what if...

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Same here. Couldn’t bear the thought of telling social media of a loss if things didn’t go to plan

You already took these adorable pictures. Let everyone be happy for you. Worst case scenario if something happens you make another post and you'd be amazed at the support you get and how many other women have been there and are willing to help you through. You got this. Deep breath and push send.

I was nervous too! We waited until I was 6 months to post anything on social media but I’m glad we did. It was fun to have other people share in the excitement! I know my relatives that I don’t talk to often, especially older ones, enjoy seeing photos on Facebook.

A few of my friends did some really cute ‘announcement’ posts SUPER later in pregnancy, just photos of them with huge bumps from a distance. Think I’ll follow suit tbh, we’ve told people we care about so the rest of social media can wait to get a big surprise at end

I thought that I was the only one lol, I am 5 and a half months pregnant and I just don't feel ready to announce my pregnancy, me and hubby are very happy for our baby but I feel that I need to keep it for myself. That's a strange feeling.

I feel the exact same way! I’m only 14 weeks but I honestly don’t think I’m going to do an “announcement” because I just don’t want to jinx myself. Our families and close friends all know anyway. So I’m probably just going to keep it to myself and off of social media to ease the anxiety. I’m stressed enough as it is! 😂

Off topic but you guys are such a Beautiful couple!!😊

I feel you especially with my family for some reason I always feel some people hate me really bad I’m a happy person and I studied sooo hard to get a scholarship and travel to USA from Mexico then I met my husband we fall in love we married and we have a baby now, no one knew about my marriage aftwr the ceremony I didn’t invited anyone just my parents and brother and with my baby I didn’t announce in social media until I was 6 months pregnant and I remember that my mom was with my in the delivery room the baby was born natural no medications so fast I pushed him twice anyways she texted the group chat in the family that I had a baby she loves her family I love them too but I feel a lot of my cousins send me bad vibes anyways my baby spend one week in NICU but at the end he was fine I was heartbroken when they took him away from me and I yelled my mom why did you tell them ehyyy and she broke in tears saying they love you I’m beyond happy I’m a grandma I felt horrible

husband and I were so nervous that we didn't tell anyone till we were 3 months along and then it was just our parents and didn't tell anyone else or announce on social media until I was 5 months

I’m 16weeks today and debating announcing soon...wasn’t sure what’s holding me back but I bet I’ll be anxious too!! I’m not on social media much these days. The whole thing is anxiety causing sometimes!! I’m sure all the congratulations and excitement you’ll receive will make you feel better. Was just talking to a friend and it’s a great, but weird time of pregnancy...you feel good, but that also makes you worry “am I still pregnant?” And there’s such a long wait until next appointment usually! Anyway, no real advice but sending you hugs!! Hope you feel better about it soon. Have faith that baby is just fine and try to just take in everyone’s joy for you both 💕💕

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