2 years ago

When did your dogs know you were pregnant?

Hey guys! So I have two dogs (one female labrador/border collie named Bailey and one male maltese/mini poodle named Bombon) I’m just curious to hear your stories about being pregnant and having dogs. Did your dogs get jealous when you were pregnant? When did they notice? How did they react when the baby arrived?
When did your dogs know you were pregnant?

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1 day ago

My dog knew within 1 week of being pregnant, mad I know!!! She kept bringing me her fav Teddy I actually thought she was the 1 pregnant . Paid for her tests and everything then thought why not check myself and I was 2-3weeks!!!! I think it's mental but lovely she picked up on it before anyone ❤️

1 month ago

I only noticed I was pregnant when me female hunataway x border collie who is very very independent wanted to cuddle all of the time and wouldn't put any weight on my belly... I took 3 tests that day and all came back positive

6 months ago

My pomeranian knew before I did. I find out cause I had a cold and wasn't feeling well went to bathroom he wouldn't leave my side and I was like this can't just be a cold I'm feeling so I took a test and when it came out positive my dog was just sitting there wagging his tail watching me.

6 months ago

My dogs knew before me, kept licking my belly botton and snuffing into my belly I'm now nearly 17 weeks and they still do it🥰

7 months ago

My German shepherd 32 years ago knew the day I fell pregnant. Our smell must be different, I got her when I was pregnant and she nipped me everyday from the day my son was stillborn til the day I fell pregnant with my daughter. She never nipped again. The most amazing dog from the day my daughter was born

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