4 years ago

Mama necklaces.

Let’s see those Mama necklaces(or bracelets etc.) ❤️ Did you go with their names, initials, birthstones?
Mama necklaces.

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3 years ago

I need one for my son also been looking everywhere!

4 years ago

Maya Brenner necklaces

4 years ago

I really want something like this, Where is the best places to get this done?

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4 years ago

So many jewelers make them now. I know Lisa Leonard is a big one. I got mine from Barberry & Lace. I also just ordered one from Made by Mary with Love. So many options - look on Pinterest, I bet they have a lot listed.

4 years ago

I have one with a mama bear and 3 baby bears behind it, since I have 3 kids, but I can’t wear it around my little one because she likes to grab it

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