Today is my due date 💙

I have officially made it to my due date. I don’t think I have any signs of my little man wanting to come any time soon 🙈 I guess I have made a comfy little home for him ☺️💙 Good luck to all of you still waiting too 🥰 xx
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Same, no sign of labour and my due date was two days ago. With my first I was induced at 41+1. I really hope to avoid induction this time. 🤗

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This is my first pregnancy, I’d rather not be induced so fingers crossed something happens soon. Good luck and I hope you get to avoid it too xx

Thank you, good luck to you and I hope you too avoid it. 🤗

It was my due date today too but I had her 11 days ago! Good luck to you!

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Thank you and congratulations xx

It’s my due date today as well. I’m having a lot of contractions but they are still 6-7 mins apart but I am so miserable and haven’t slept in 2 nights due to contractions. If he doesn’t come this weekend I’m getting induced Monday night!

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Thank you!! Same for you.

Awww good luck I hope he comes for you soon xx

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