2 years ago

Diaper hacks?

How do you leave your baby diaper free when they start to roll or crawl ???
Diaper hacks?

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9 months ago

You can actually put them and pull ups in a year

2 years ago

Are we supposed to remove the diaper once they crawl? I didn't know this

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2 years ago

I know things are always changing and I just found out you could literally use elimination communication queues from birth to potty train right away. I want to hear about not diapering once crawling

2 years ago

We put a towel or blanket down in the room we're playing in... shes not quite walking or really moving yet though its still pretty easy.

2 years ago

Foam tiles or similar on the floor, cloth diapers and confining to one room or outside.

2 years ago

We use Pampers 360's. Our son started taking his off at a very young age.

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